Trailer: 900 Footballs


"Sometimes the greatest victories happen on the sidelines."

When unexpected storm threatens a Finnish artist' installation, an assist comes from an unlikely group all too familiar with weathering the perfect storm: The children of illegal immigrants in exile in Rome.

In spring 2019 Finnish visual artist Sophia Ehrnrooth arrives in the outskirts of Rome to exhibit an outdoor football-themed installation at the Museum of the Other and Elsewhere (MAAM).
A layered and complex setting, MAAM is not only a contemporary art museum but a makeshift home and safe haven in an abandoned salami factor for refugee and immigrant families.
The morning of the installation a forecast of thunder and rain threaten to derail the outdoor participatory installation. Absurdity, issues in translation and cultural misunderstandings ensue.
With the help of unexpected allies and perseverance the installation is finished, but quite differently than what the artist had planned.